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I have operated my handyman business for over 10 years. I believe my greatest asset is the ability to tackle a wide variety of tasks and thereby provide the convenience of "one stop shopping" for my customers. In addition to individual homeowners, I do a lot of work for property management companies, realtors and homeowners who own rental property. I also have over 35 years of "sweat equity" experience in buying and selling fixer upper homes for my personal residences and rental properties.


I have lived in Auburn for over 27 years. About 20 years ago I quit my job to become the stay at home parent with our then, one year old son and later, our daughter. During those early years at home with the kids, most of my spare time was spent rebuilding our home from what was originally a modest one bedroom "fixer", to one more suitable to a growing family. Later, when the kids reached school age and my house remodeling projects were coming to an end, I began my handyman business. I found the flexibility of working for myself more convenient and more fun than going back into my previous profession. I love the customer interaction and variety of projects I get to do as a handyman. Before becoming a stay at home dad I had a 20 year career as a repair technician in the avionics, telecommunications and industrial control industries.


I guess I've always been a do-it-yourself kind of guy. Building and fixing things was always a fun puzzle to figure out and it was what I loved doing. Growing up, there were very few things that went to the dump without first being "dissected". Whether it was an old stereo, wrist watch or washing machine, I loved figuring out why things broke and trying to fix them. Through my high school and college years I was lucky enough to have a job working for my grandfather, who was the superintendent of a very large office building. One day I'd be working with the building electrician and the next I'd be helping the plumber or carpenter. It sparked a life long appreciation of all the different trades.


I am not a contractor and therefore limited by state law to individual jobs less than $500. I'm not the guy to hire if you have a major remodel. I am the guy to hire for smaller projects or the ten little things that have been needing attention. My "formal" education and career was in electronics and instrumentation repair and I am very comfortable trouble shooting anything electrical (house wiring, major appliances,etc.).


When I'm not working or puttering around the house I enjoy hiking, snow skiing, water skiing and living in the foothills.



Here's more info on the business side of things.

When possible, I like using email for communicating with my customers. I find that email reduces miscommunications, helps eliminate playing phone tag, and allows me to communicate with my clients "after hours". Also, since my customers are paying by the hour, I feel it's only fair to give them 100% of my attention. I therefore, I do not take calls when I'm working. I always check my phone messages later however so if you find it more convenient to call, by all means please feel free to pick up the phone. Texting if fine to.


I try to keep my costs (and yours) down by being efficient with my travel expenses. I therefore try to be as specific as possible with my customers about their projects before showing up for work so I have the required materials. Problem with a dishwasher or other home appliance? Send me the model number and I can usually pull parts diagrams and schematics online and be informed on availability and costs of the possible replacement items. Sometimes a picture is helpful. Replacing a faucet? A couple of pictures under the sink will show me if you have an old style shutoff valve which may also have to be replaced. Repairing a fence? A picture can show me the amount, size and type of lumber needed. Having the information ahead of time can often save the necessity of an extra trip. It also helps me gauge the scope of the work and determine how it will fit into my schedule.


I do not install flooring and only do minor roof repair. I charge time and materials. I am insured and I accept cash or check.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.



And if you're still reading.....here's a few comments I've received via email from some of my customers.

I LOVE having you work on stuff for us. It is so great to be able to ask to have something done and it happens, on time, with great quality. You are making my life better. Thanks.


Meadow Vista


Thanks for everything - couldn't run this ranch without you!



Thanks Tom,

I will schedule the payment tonight. Once again, your service was amazing and honest! It is always refreshing to work with good people. I hope you have a great day...I will definitely remember to use your service in the future.

Thanks again,




Seriously, Tom…thank you SO very much for getting to that! It was an awesome surprise to see it completely fixed this afternoon. Really thought we were going to have to start from scratch on that gate…but you worked your miracles once again!




We have a very cool place coming along in large part to your ingenuity and hard work and we appreciate it.




Your "few minutes" saved us a lot of time & money, Tom. And coming out on a rainy Friday evening on the same day that we called you went above and beyond the call of duty!!! Even though you said there was no charge, I'm going to send you off a check for an hours worth of your time. I can't tell you how much we appreciate your talents and work ethic!!!Thanks again, Tom...and have a wonderful weekend!!!




Are you sure that covers all of your extraordinary service ? I am so very appreciative of your efforts. Many thanks (again), and please feel free to quote me regarding your service, or use me as a reference. You were a “lucky find” on my internet search


Meadow Vista


Convenience is only good if accompanied by quality work…I am getting both. Thanks Tom.


Christian Valley


My sister Joyce was impressed with your efficiency and professionalism.




Thanks Tom... I am so relieved from your work today... having those two major "water-related" issues solved after years of disrepair... and of course the new lighting is fabulous too.




I wonder if you took a before and after photo of what you did with the storage area? Posted on your web site, the before and after could solve a lot of garage clutter problems! I thought of it on the way home last night. Anyway it is a great job, thank you.




Thank you for re-arranging your schedule to address my bunkhouse water.You are the best !!!! :)




John and I are so pleased with what you and Matt accomplished. I feel like I have a huge walk-in closet under the house now. Thanks so much for all you've done. Please bring some of your cards so I can pass them out to my friends.




Thanks, Tom. The house looked really nice. I will be calling you again!


Lake of the Pines


Thanks so much, Tom! You are a gem and a bargain! I really appreciate your willingness to help us out with all the relatively minor needs. It enables me to keep my house and stay here, so it is very important to me. Thanks for your quick response.




Thank you for highly professional service. So glad I found you!




You did a great job especially with the cabinet. It looks good .I will definitely recommend you and continue to utilize you for any other jobs I may need in the future.



We have more work if you can! Thank you for being a blessing with your talents.




(Written to another customer who recommended me). I loved reading the information on Tom! He delights me and Debbie too! I look forward to him coming! He always has a smile and has found a place in our hearts! Thanks for recommending him!




Thank you again Tom for the great, quick work. Check was put in the mail today!



Thanks tom...assuming there are no emergencies i will contact you in january or so and we can get more of the work done......You have been great!




Thankyou Thankyou and another big Thankyou !!




Thanks Tom. Excellent work. It really looks good in there.




Hi tom, I am up at the house. You have been a miracle worker. Thank you so much!


Meadow Vista


Tom Hennessy